Do I need a prescription from a doctor to see a physical therapist?

The answer is yes and no. In the state of Colorado (since 1988) you can see a physical therapist without a prescription or referral from a doctor. Some insurance companies still require a prescription or referral from an MD for reimbursement.

How do I find a physical therapist?

There are many ways to find a physical therapist. Word of mouth is a great way to find out what experience family and friends have had with a physical therapist. There is a listing on this website of quality private practices with a commitment to provide excellent services. Also your insurance has a list of preferred providers and that can be a good resource.

How can a physical therapist help me?

Physical therapists have many areas of specialties ranging from rehabilitating sports injuries, treating back and neck pain, providing advice on exercises for a variety of problems, custom orthotics and information on overall fitness.

Will my insurance cover physical therapy?

Most insurances will cover physical therapy. How much your plan will cover varies from plan to plan. Check your benefits and determine what physical therapist is a provider for your plan. Many physical therapy practices offer competitive cash pay rates if your insurance does not cover physical therapy.